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This is the Day! Magazine

Magazine 2 (2023 spring)

The biggest part of our 2023 magazine was made up of retrospectives and testimonies of the Stadion 2022 event held in the Puskás Arena.

From the content:

  • The miracle is done: 40,000 people glorified God in the nation’s stadium!
  • The vision was fulfilled, the stadium was filled – glory to God!
  • 4 things to know about God as a healer
  • You said it!
  • Can there be true unity among Christians?
  • Weather miracle in the stadium
  • Bible verses about trusting God
  • Story of how 40,000 people gathered to worship Jesus
  • Background of the stadium
  • Abraham Pajor interview
  • Testimonies from the stadium
  • This is how the performers of This is the Day! experienced 23 July

Magazine 1 (2020 winter)

72 pages on the past, present and future of our movement. Retrospectives, interviews, interesting facts. History, Roadshows, Road to the stadium.

From the content:

  • Stadium vision
  • This Is The Day Roadshow 2019-2020
  • The Jesus Bible
  • The start of a 20 year journey – Personal reflections by Viktor László
  • This Is The Day! history – Our first 20 years
  • Exclusive interview with Nick Vujicic
  • Budapest Arena resounded with God’s glory in 2019 too
  • Worship at Wembley Stadim and the Hungarian connection
  • Martin Smith: The Beginnings – The start of a career

ISSN 3057-8108 (Print)
ISSN 3057-8124  (Online)