This is the Day!
Stadium 2025 Szombathely
31 May

Location: Szombathely, Haladás Sportkomplexum
Date 31th May, 2025

Listening to the voice of God, we have had a vision in recent years to focus not just on Budapest, but on the whole country. In light of this, we invite you now to next year’s This is the Day! which will take place on 31 May in Szombathely. Planetshakers will we one of the main artist. Let’s fill the Haladás Stadium too!

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If you would like to contribute your service to the blessings of the event, please volunteer.



Our ministry is supported by donations, which are gratefully received.



Please pray with us to our Heavenly Father for the blessings of This Is The Day events!

Do you already have your place?

Tickets purchased in previous years are valid for the same seats on 23 July under the same conditions!

New tickets are available at discounted prices for both seated and standing sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

The event can be attended without a vaccination card or test. But you may need these documents to cross the border.

Already purchased tickets are valid – with the same conditions and to the same place – for the new date!

Through our website, or on the Eventim site. For safety reasons, the sector boundaries may not be crossed; you must stay in the place the ticket was purchased for throughout the duration of the event.

The equivalent of the population of a small city will arrive at the venue all on the same day; so you should be prepared for that. The surrounding area will be closed off to car traffic. We suggest that those coming by car should park further away and then go to the Arena either along the Metro line and on foot or by the Metro. We will ensure that there are parking spaces for the buses we have organised, and notification of their locations will be given by the group leaders. 

There will be no parking in the stadium and surrounding streets, but free parking will be available in the streets a little further away. We recommend arriving by public transport.

The doors will be opened at 12 noon, and the event lasts from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Bottled soft drinks or water may not be brought in. Unfortunately, this is not up to us. The house rules are very strict in this regard. There will be a buffet where food and drinks may be purchased.

Not every single performer will have a separate band and independent block, but several of them will join together into a band and minister in this way, and several guest performers will make an appearance as singers in one or two productions.

A ticket is needed from the age of 6. Tickets do not need to be purchased for children younger than 6 years old, as long as they do not occupy a separate seat but instead sit on someone’s lap.

Interpretation will be provided in English, Romanian, Slovak and Croatian. A voucher with a QR code will be handed out at the entrance, which you can scan with your smartphone to access the interpretation service via mobile internet or wifi. Please bring headphones and a powerbank.

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