Who Are We?

Introducing This is the day!

Introducing This is the day!

This is the day! is an interdenominational Christian movement that has been organizing praise and worship events since 2000 where, led by national and international worship bands, we can all worship God, pray, and be in fellowship with our brothers and sisters.

It is extremely important to us to have a day each year when we gather in Jesus’ name with thanksgiving and pray for our nation’s repentance and for the church. At our events, attended so far by over a hundred thousand people from all over the Carpathian basin, with performers on the stage representing more than 30 nations, we have been welcoming people both from within and beyond our national borders for over twenty years now. It is our goal to be more thoroughly committed to God and thereby impacting the world around us. We want to strengthen our fellow believers so their lives would be testimonies to God’s love. At every event we organize, the gospel is shared through music, singing, encouragement, teaching, and testimonies.

In the past two decades, we have held dozens of large-scale events where we always endeavored to put Jesus in the center. In the early 2000’s, we started with open-air meetings – we met at Tabán, Margaret Island, Kisstadion, the area around Népstadion, and Heroes’ square. We had some marches through the streets of Budapest, and a Roadshow in a few major cities. 2007 through 2009, we had multi-day Soul & Gospel festivals on the roof terrace at Westend. In the 2010’s, we moved to Papp László Budapest Arena, and many significant representatives of national and international Christian pop music performed at our full house worship events. At the same time, we also organized smaller-scale club concerts, and Christmas specials, and we crossed the national borders during our concert tours.

We always tried to invite performers who represent a high level from a musical point of view, but even more importantly, we wanted people who have a passion for Christ. We want our events to be way more than just “parties” as the world knows them; we want gatherings where we worship our Creator and proclaim the good news to people who have not yet personally encountered Jesus.

Responding to the difficulties of recent years, since spring 2020, we launched online Hope Nights. Week by week, hundreds of thousands of people joined us from all over the world, receiving hope and encouragement in the time of trials. In 2021, we initiated a program called Mozdulj! (Move!) to actively help health care workers. We were able to be of assistance to 50 hospitals or health care centers throughout Hungary. Our mission’s online ministry has expanded as well: we renewed our radio broadcast, we launched our online magazine, and our sheet music library.

We are grateful that our vision to gather and worship our God in Puskás Arena, the largest stadium in all of Hungary, was fulfilled on July 23rd, 2022. Please follow closely the ministry we are doing. You can find all pertinent information on our website.