Worship event in Hungary’s biggest stadium on 23 July

Let's fill together
the stadium!

We are waiting for you in the Puskás Arena!
Tickets purchased in the past years are valid on the same conditions and for the same seats on 23 July!

Tickets (Eventim): Romania Romania / Slovakia Slovakia / Croatia Croatia / Slovenia slovenia / Poland Poland / Austria Austria

single ticket

1 ticket

Choose one sector and we will give you the best sit.

4.000 Ft

group discount

5+1 tickets

Buy 5 and you will get 1 for free

20.000 Ft

group discount

10+2 tickets

If you buy 12 tickets the price is 3333 HUF/piece.

40.000 Ft

group discount

20+5 ticketc

If you buy 25 tickets the tickets price is 3200 HUF/piece.

80.000 Ft

single (supporter)

1 ticket

Choose your sit on the eventim site.

7.000 Ft

group discount

50 tickets


160.000 Ft

group discount

100 tickets


360.000 Ft